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Overage Rescue LLC | Our Company

Our Company

Overage Rescue is a small group of professionals located in New York.
If you got a call, letter or email from us, we feel we’ve found funds being held by the government that are rightfully yours. We know the rules of government agencies in all states. If a government agency is holding your funds, we know how to get them!
Because these funds will go after after a window of time, it’s best to have professionals help you recover them while they’re still available.


If a claim for your funds isn’t made in a timely manner, the agency holding them can take your funds off the table, permanently. We feel if it’s your money, the government shouldn’t be capable of taking it from you. Our mission is to make sure that doesn’t happen. Overage Rescue will audit government files and documents for these unclaimed funds, and when we find them, we make it our business to reunite them with their rightful owner. Who doesn’t want extra money? Do whatever you want with it, let’s just make sure the government doesn’t keep it for themselves